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What metirial do you you use?

We use cotton threads to weave our talitot. The color threads are combination of cotton and acrylic. 
For the bags we use Raw Silk.

How can I clean the Talit?

Our products should be only clean by Dry cleaning.

The all Tallit is hand made?

We weave by hand the "body" of the Talis, the Atara and 4 corners. After that we take it to sweing and than puting the Tzitzit.
We don't make the Tzitzit. You can see all the weaving stages in About us.

How long does it takes to make a Hand Made Tallit?

The all proccess of making a Hand Made Tallit takes a few days.

I want to buy a Tallit. How much time it will take until I'll get my Talit?

It takes up to 5 weeks from order until we ship the Tallit.