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Selection of modern wool Tallit by "Mishkan Hatchelet".

Traditional wool Tallitot  in modern designs.  Magnificent colors and shades that replacing the traditional black and white Tallit. The combination of red, green, orange and purple stripes gives the Jewish prayer shawl a modern and noble look.

Over the years with the development of the Judaica art we can find a lot of amazing colorful Tallit designs made of silk, cotton and other fabrics. The only problem was that according to the "Jewish Halacha" the wool Tallit is the most excellent one, so there are a lot of people who wants a colorful, modern Prayer shawl but also prefer to wear wool Talit.

The modern wool Tallit is made for this kind of people. It is made from fine wool according to all the rules of the Halacha and also have great colorful stripes and designs that can fulfill the need of creativity and revival.

If you'e looking for a special prayer shawl and your budget is limited the modern wool Tallit is the perfect choice for you.

Some of the prayer shawl has the blessing of the Tzitzit embroidered on the Atara.

The Tallitot are made from high quality wool and has a "Kosher certificate".

The Tzitzit is tied in Ashkenazi style.