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Classic wool Tallit by "Mishkan Hatchelehet" in traditional colors and designs.
Great selection of Talit designs in classic stripes of black, white, blue, gold and silver. 
The Jewish prayer shawl is one of the most familiar symbols of the Jewish people all over the years so it's not a surprise that we can find a huge selection of Tallitot in all colors and materials, but the classic wool Tallit is still the most popular Tallit that we have. Ultra-orthodox and Hasidic people wear this kind of Tallit and also Bar Mitzvah boys and grooms that want to stay loyal to their tradition, so we can find it in every synagogue all over the world.
As well known the Israeli flag was designed by the inspiration of the Jewish Tallit.

If you're looking for a classic, high quality prayer shawl you'll find it here. Just choose the design and size you like and we'll ship it to you.

The tallitot are made from fine wool and has "Kosher certificate".
The Tzitzit is tied in "Ashkenazi" style.